Computer Server and Soccer Balls for Percy Mdala High School

September 28th, 2009

Posting from Taryn Aveley, From Us With Love Regional Coordinator for the Garden Route in South Africa.

What a lovely Friday, I went up to Percy Mdala this morning and what food
for the soul. I love going there everyone is so friendly, kind and just so
happy to spend time with you.

I took them soccer balls and pumps and I met
the soccer coach who we took a photo with and the captain of the team as
well as the deputy vice principal, shame Nicolas is off very sick with flu
so he wasn’t there.

They also took me to the server room where the young
man is still working there for the school on the IT side which was a nice
relief to see that the IT side is being cared for on a daily basis as well
as the equipment. Thank you Hashrocket, Jacksonville Beach, Florida for funding a new computer server for the school!!!

I also spent some time with the drama teacher and the
pupils from Percy Mdala involved in the theatre program at Sinethemba are
doing really well and are enjoying it so much, this has also created an
opportunity for them to enter theatre programs at the various arts and
culture programs in Grahams Town as well as Cape Town so this is affording
them tools and allowing them avenues into the industry which makes my heart

Also the teachers were thrilled as they have a teachers soccer match
this weekend and they now have new school soccer balls to use 😉

Soccer Balls for Percy Mdala High SchoolThank You Hashrocket, Jacksonville Beach, Florida for funding the new computer serverSoccer Balls for Percy Mdala High School, Knysna, South AfricaPercy Mdala High School has 1600 studentsMr. L George (soccer coach); S. Hlisani (captain); Mr D Sani ( Deputy Principal); Mr Z Blaai and Mr S Mbalo.

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