February 17th, 2008

“The Edge” Sedgefield Newspaper
International Assistance For The Needy
From Us With Love

A Few issues ago we featured a small article on a local junior soccer team under the leadership of Adam Hardnick which needed funding for uniforms etc. Well help has come from as far as the US of A!

On February a charity group under the name of “From Us With Love” presented the manager /coach and the fifteen eager young members of his squad with full kit. Each team member was delighted to receive their match strip. Soccer boots, shin guards, a tracksuit, and a kit bag as well as six soccer balls and pumps for the team to share.

On the Smutsville sports field to hand over the generous donation was Mike Mastrocinque, who flew all the way from America to oversee some of the work done in the community by the group. Mike says that they have also assisted Adam’s senior team ‘Smutsville United’, both with kit and in sponsoring them to take part in the Mayor’s Cup Tournament due to be played in Knysna soon.

“As we have gotten to know Adam we have realised what a brilliant man he is”, said Mike, “So we are glad we are able to assist him in his efforts”. This amazing “From Us With Love” charity organization was founded by Michael Smith, an ex South African who, after ‘making it Big’ in the States, has now put huge efforts into giving back to his country of birth. And boy have they given! Just their efforts in the Western Cape, they are also active in the Limpopo area make up a large amount.

Portfolio to be reckoned with.
From Us With Love Projects:
1. Assisting the Smutsville School Clinic where they paid for two boys to have their squint eye’s fixed and sponsored R2500 per month for six months towards getting much needed dental work for some of the kids.
2. Solar powered toilet as ‘Die Gaatjie’ School, also in Smutsville.
3. 1000 Soccer balls distributed in the Greater Knysna Area.
4. Sinethemba Street Kids Rehabilitation Centre, where they have initiated and set up a training centre for the kids to learn wood-working skills.
5. Magdaleentjies Crèche, where they have installed a rainwater tank and a veggie garden.
6. T.V.’s, DVD players, radios, CD’s and DVD’s donated to thirty crèches in Knysna.
7. The Western Cape Street Kids Soccer Union in Cape Town, to which they donated 200 soccer balls and four sets of goal posts.
8. The Dorothy Broster Orphanage whose electric security gate they paid for and installed.
9. The Knysna Education Trust where they sponsored a HUGE Christmas Party for youngsters and also through their ‘adopt a child’ system handed over a cheque for R40000.00 enough to educate 37 children for a year.
10. Substantial assistance to the Knysna Aids Council for various projects

And all this aside from weekly food parcel donations to crèches and orphanages!
Admirably, the group are certainly not ‘in it for publicity’, they have been active in this area since June last year yet have not sought public recognition for any of their good deeds.

“We’re just keen to support the people who are already doing great work in the community” explains Mike.