Ubumnandi (Fun Factory)

September 21st, 2009

From Us With Love received this feedback concerning the Cultural Arts Theater Program that we are funding in South Africa. Ubumnandi means “Fun Factory” in the Xhosa language. We are hoping to raise enough funds to continue this program. We can keep 4 young people off the streets and in this after school program for $60.00 per month.

Ubumnandi has been a great experience for me because I had to work with two different groups in a short space of time. I had to put everything together in big pot, cook it and dish it. However as someone that likes challenges and has a heart for creating I had fun working with different groups and was amazed at the amount of talent they revealed. The good thing is that out of big groups the few that were not as passionate about acting started falling out one by one. At the start both groups had had fifteen members but the final number went down to ten and the other group had six.

As a facilitator I have grown and have also benefited from my work with my groups, working with teenagers of different cultures and backgrounds was quit challenging. I know if there could be more time, they could have learnt more. Drama is something that one should teach step by step and even one step takes time.

Both my groups have learnt a lot from what we did. What motivated me was the passion in those that came to rehearsals regularly. I could see in some them that acting is their dream. The difficult part for me is when they ask what the future holds. My wish is for them to be able to go further and possibly get bursaries or some kind of assistance. In the meantime while some of them are still at school some in their final year, we at Lunchbox are hoping to keep in touch with them. It would be a great loss to invest so much time and effort on them only to let them go again. What we started as Lunchbox can only get stronger or fall apart depending on the support we get from organizations like yours.

Thanking you
Mncedisi Ncedani and Stuart Palmer
Lunchbox Theatre

Ubumnandi group with certificates at Sinethemba Youth Development Center in Knynsa, South Africa

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